The Team

Who we are? We are a collective of like-minded individuals who are sick of waiting around to build something finally. The team behind Hanzou is supported by FRMWRK. A small multi-disciplinary team of creative thinkers, designers, marketers and developers who are passionate about crafting awesome brands.
Chepi | Project Lead. A Multidisciplinary Designer with more than 6 years experience. Founder of FRMWRK, and Hanzou NFT. He has a passion for creating beautiful, intuitive, and highly crafted solutions combining a considered approach with emerging technologies. He also has a wide-ranging experience in design (focusing on Branding, Web, UX/UI, and other Visual Identity), Digital Product Development, and Digital Project Management. He drew all single layer for Hanzou, and then finalize it.
Donny | Operation Lead. He is An Aviator at a national company in Indonesia from 2012 until now. Have a big interest and passion in the digital world, so in 2021 he decided to join Hanzou NFT as Co-Founder, Head of Operation and community management.
Geoffrey | Blockchain Developer. Recently worked as Web Developer. Having proven record 2 years as Web Developer at DestinAsian Global, DestinAsian Indonesia, 1 year as Social Manager Officer at DA Man Magz, and 1 year as Email Marketing Officer at Prestige Magz. 1 year as Web Developer at Scop3 Group. Currently join Hanzou NFT as Co-Founder and Lead Developer.
Nichol | Head Of BD & Community Management. Beside knowledge, he is passionate on Business Development and Analyst. Having proven track record, 3 years on brand development Babarafi group, 2 years on new brand development (lakoe desserts), 1 year on Tokopedia (team BD Growth expansion regional area), and Lead of Analyst on Equity Crowdfunding start up (LandX). Currently responsible as Head of Business Development in FRMWRK. And then lately join Hanzou NFT as Co-Founder.